-Company Overview

In 1991, a leasing division of SANKYO GROUP was created in the city of Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, a strategic point in the Chūbu and Tōkai regions. Then, along with the development of SANKYO GROUP, with the activities growing steadily, in 2004, Sankyo Techno Staff Co., Ltd. was founded, and we effectively entered the temporary labor allocation (Haken) business. We have expanded into a wide range of activities, such as automotive parts industries, manufacturing OA equipment (Office Automation), the food and service sectors, among others. We seek to strengthen our structure, through consistent national expansion, to better develop our business, counting on the valuable collaboration of our numerous customers.

Corporate nameSankyo Techno Staff Co. Ltd.
Location 〒441-8113 Aichi-ken Toyohashi-shi Nishimiyuki-chō 22-2[Mapa] Tel:0532-46-7017 Fax:0532-46-8105
capital¥40,000,000 (Group ¥180,000,000)
RepresentativeNoboru Mihara, Chief Executive Officer
Main BanksMitsubishi UFJ Bank/ Mizuho Bank/ Sumimoto Mitsui Bank/ Shizuoka Bank/ Okazaki Shinkin Bank
ActivitiesManufacturing subcontracting (Ukeoi, Outsourcing), temporary labor allocation (Haken), human resources presentation, outsourced labor management assistance, consultancy on the use of external labor.
LicensesHaken Services派23-300122
Paid Job Presentation 23-ユ-300248
BranchesClick here to see the locations of the 20 branches across the country.