-Message from the President

Adapting to changes in the job market, ‘Sankyo’ will continue to evolve as a good partnership that connects workers and employing companies.

Since the founding in 1965 of Sankyo Packaging Co., Ltd., supported by professionals with technical skills, manufacturing know-how and a quality-oriented approach, we have been committed to our activities with the aspiration to be a ‘reliable and indispensable for customers’.

In a context where changes are accelerating, due to the reduction of the workforce due to the aging of the population, changes in the industrial structure and technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation (DX), we are in the middle of a transition phase before entering a new era. Not only are the consciousness and lifestyle of workers changing, but even values ​​are inevitably being altered.

Even in the face of these accelerated changes, we believe that, under the guidelines of the ‘Sankyo Spirit’ passed down from generation to generation since our founding (collaboration between customers, employees and our company to achieve the best results), connections between ‘people and people’ are the most crucial element. We continually challenge ourselves to become a company capable of imagining and offering innovative environments and services, not just limited to the conventional creation of employment opportunities and job allocation.

We are committed to evolving to become a company that meets the ever-changing needs of the employment landscape while remaining true to the essence of the ‘Sankyo Mentality’.”

Sankyo Techno Staff Co.

President and Director Noboru Mihara